-Bjork- Pagan Poetry Royal Opera House

-Bjork- Pagan <strong>Poetry</strong> Royal Opera House

Bjork at Royal Opera House sing Pagan Poetry !!! (dedicace a Toma)

-Bjork- Pagan Poetry Royal Opera House

16 Responses to -Bjork- Pagan Poetry Royal Opera House

  1. amongtheashes20

    @skyjadeshe Wow, amazingly described. “like a child exploring the world for the first time every time she sings.” I’m pretty sure that’s how I’m going to describe her music from now on!

  2. MrHunterX

    my favorite artist she is an angel

  3. Gaputto

    sadis! Seni banget. Amazing, purely art. *sniff :’)

  4. eflecha

    @FatGermanBastard stop complaining..next time go to her concert…

  5. aldebarankanon

    Why does it sound like that?

  6. vanessalinas

    Lástima del sonido.. :( .

  7. Rebtang90

    She makes me cry every time.

  8. SuperChalito1

    mamasita! hermosa! dulce! sensacional! espectacular!

  9. krmusick

    The audio on your capture is too hot.

  10. rococoness

    this song makes me cry everyday ; its a rollercoaster of emotions

  11. SuperChalito1

    She is so beautiful here!

  12. FrankySpindle23

    is there a bad song by bjork??
    fuck.i can find it xD

  13. TheMushmul

    I have started listening to Bjork just recently.I find it so amazing that recorded or live the same level of high emotion remains in her voice and her performance! Truly incredible!

  14. lordkillspree

    @DonnyDaison The audio was recorded very loudly… louder than what the microphone could record at. Instead of being able to hear the full range it just creates noise

  15. elyurita

    full boost!

  16. SemiToneBlew

    She really has a sexy voice. God I’m in love with her

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