Björk, Pagan Poetry (Live)


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25 Responses to Björk, Pagan Poetry (Live)

  1. alejandromiranda222

    mui buenoooo!!!!!! me encanto la primera ves q escucho esta banda! i me encanto me pasan un enlace asi bajo musica para la pc!

  2. donglabong

    Even the Mcqueen dress is an instrument! each of the red panels on the bodice is a microscope slide…. sewn on, so that each movement creates a tiny crescendo of sound… slivers of glass clashing against one another as she moves!

    Divine! This is her finest lyric….

  3. cherrya73

    i love her voice

  4. MollySato

    @Burningraymon101 I totally agree with you!
    She’s special, talented and beautiful!

  5. cataline2


  6. DoubleDutchBust


  7. nereebitchy

    her music is very distinct,,, one of a kind
    and also her fashion . . . . .
    how i wish i could sing like her ……

  8. nemesis478


  9. szymesi

    @MannFeuer to Bjork jest artystk? wszech czasów a poza tym to wyobra? sobie jaki presti? mo?e mie? ten “konkurs” na artystk? dekady je?eli w?ród ubiegaj?cych si? o to miano znajduje si? Doda??

  10. aleksa6a

    she is perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. onotuoedaul

    her dress is weird.

  12. emperormaguscaligula


  13. Kakashigirl250

    I love her dress!

  14. salvymd23

    I prefer the original video where you get to see Bjork’s tits.

  15. MannFeuer

    Je?eli Doda zosta?a wybrana artystka dekady, to kim jest BJORK?

  16. sangloter

    just perfect…

  17. littletreerunning

    @pgann83 maybe her “pagan Poetry” . There is a form of poetry that started in the 60’s where you just say or blurt words out at random. The words are supposed to come from your subconscious… hence the name pagan poetry.. Whatever she is saying its so beautiful, I love her she never ceases to amaze me even after 15 yrs.

  18. reikijules38

    omg i love her …….this makes my spine tingle ……

  19. lalixlili

    love you SRK!!!!

  20. Auroral3orealis


  21. blindingsun

    its just ad lib ,,,she does this alot :P

  22. amberfuzz333

    4:11 she’s singing that to me! I love you to Bjork!

  23. iotekhaneokwire

    Gibberish it is

  24. mapleking54


  25. pgann83

    Does *anyone* know if the lyrics of the screaming section (starting 3:36 in this vid) are English, or Icelandic, or gibberish? Does anyone know what’s being said? No lyric sheets on the net even attempt to report it.

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