A Poem On The Underground Wall

A <strong>Poem</strong> On The Underground Wall

Such a wonderful song.

A Poem On The Underground Wall

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  1. Forestgirl925

    OK, Art have an amazing voice, and an extraordinary music talent. I can understand that.? But how can Paul sing the two-part song without any mistake, while playing that amazing guitar, and still have time to give a “sexy look” to the camera, that remains the great mistery to me.

  2. evilthesaurus

    raises? the hair on my arms

  3. mymytheysigh

    When Art sits on the stool, he and? Paul are the same height. Was that deliberate?

  4. MichaelMNewland

    @knoxrox167 You are awesome.?

  5. gman1225

    This is poetry, it’s honestly art. ?

  6. EmilyBethBergmann

    I love Paul’s tapping on the guitar at the end? of the song.

  7. MASAI97

    @knoxrox167 Well, I’d say it just focuses on money. Hate and depression songs started much earlier.
    I Am A Rock is a pretty? depressful song

  8. solargesture

    FUCK? was the poem

  9. surfsoccerart

    somehow, Simon and Garfunkel’s music, though largely acoustic and “soft”, is heavy, both? in harmony and lyrics. its beautiful.

  10. SYR81

    I have this recording on? cd. Its apart of a live set they played in Amsterdam. Great bootleg

  11. irontown

    @knoxrox167 Yes and the people who now run the world and made it what it is are those people who focused on love. That generation from the 60s were the genertion in charge during the 80s and? 90s. they gave us right wing governments and selfish people. How did that happen?

  12. SesyoLinhja895


  13. lbjmvp007

    simon? got that 60’s swag

  14. Catlovertea4

    @knoxrox167 – I’m hearing the “expression of love” as being? the song itself exposing a snapshot about the tyranny of homelessness. I could be wrong, but that’s what I hear.

  15. Catlovertea4

    @knoxrox167 – ya, and what does that? say for us? Was that love and peace we sang about, not real enough? Isn’t that what we thought of our parents? For me, these songs remain iconic not only for the impressionable melodies, but for the poetry inside of them.

  16. jollyrogerent

    @xXBlinDXx12 Good grief. Get a grip. We did have some beautiful music then but there are fine songs and singers today. We had Peace and Love but also OD’s, bad trips and rip offs. We dug this soft and lovely but also rocked to Hendrix and? Sly. They were great times and horrible times and I truly became a fan of S&G in Nam. If I had known I’d live this long, I’d have taken more drugs.

  17. xXBlinDXx12

    @knoxrox167 haha yes, you are right i do suppose, sorry for harping on you like that. and i am glad to know that you know a good? share of facts, i assume. i guess the comment itself was vague. and we could probably go back ad forth about the music world for days. haha. but yeah cool stuff though. too bad the mainstream of today is soo fake and is corrupting the lives of the generation that follows, and i just so happen to be a couple steps ahead than the others at my HS. Thank Goodness

  18. knoxrox167


    oh, simon and garfunkel absolutely explored every crevice of emotion and expression. ? i dont remember, seeing that my comment is a year old, but the reference to “love” is mentioned because the meaning behind this song is expression of love. hopefully you didnt miss that.

    the difference between S&G’s “hate and depression” and the modern interpretations is the fact that S&G’s is well based and founded. compare their A Most Peculiar Man to Lil Wayne’s I Feel Like Dying

  19. xXBlinDXx12

    @knoxrox167 not necessarily. your only looking at the vague outlook on it. about hippies, and just because they were about peace and love, doesnt mean that the music was always about that…. if you really listen to all of the songs by an artist.you will learn to find that? music was played and written through every emotion. it kind of irritates me that you would say something like that too, because it kinda shows me that you are stereotypically saying that. wierds me out.

  20. KILLthemALLnow1


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