A League Deferred

A League Deferred

Lockout poem

A League Deferred

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a league deferred poem in words;

25 Responses to A League Deferred

  1. PatElliswMaiBlaird

    I just?? ran across you on youtube and glad i did,great videos!

  2. CalKansasCity

    You killlllllled? this.

  3. Killerdoctor27

    Snarf Snarf!!l?

  4. Gsr173

    Gonna miss u in AZ . Hope u have excellent success with the Chiefs. I’m sorry that the Bidwills are cheap. Your gonna? be missed


    He seems like the coolest guy, can’t wait to see him in KC, now that the raiders will lose? Asomugha we will rip through their d with Breaston, Bowe, Moeaki, McCluster, Charles and Jones. There were doubts about how we would do before the we got Breaston, but now there are none. Playoffs baby!!!!!

  6. goshootergo

    that was pretty sweet!? Welcome to the Chiefs family, wait till opening day arrowhead is gonna be nutz!

  7. 2131rodney

    go chiefs?

  8. ashurtz

    WELCOME TO? KC!! We’ll love your two-cents!!

  9. Orangehairdness

    That was incredible. We would love to have you in? KC!

  10. atb64

    “Believe me I understand how ironic it is that I’ve told a kid to ‘Play 60′ but? we might not play a minute.” – Steve Breaston

  11. RisingHipHop

    Great poem from a great person! Pro sports needs? more Steve Breaton’s!!!

  12. hollowpnt

    Sick video man real spit. On a side note? that thundercats poster is the bizness!!!

  13. dclaymoore

    “Or families who are saving up from zero with thoughts? of a perfect view from the nosebleeds” My life, thanks Breaston for your mad heart

  14. themishkin

    @toddsterps they would still? use agents to negotiate the incentives in that scenario. Agents aren’t going away unless they completely remove negotiations from the process, which I doubt the union would ever accept. Besides, have you heard some of these guys interview? Chris Johnson is barely recognizable as english speaking. I seriously doubt he could comprehend his own contract.

  15. themishkin

    @toddsterps And how would a guy like Revis or Aso get paid if they never get thrown at? Revis has very few stats because he is a true shutdown corner. You could go by games started, but it just wouldn’t work for every guy in the league that way.? It would eventually become what it is now, where guys are paid a baseline salary, and then have performance incentives added to some contracts. The best players get paid because they proved themselves, and others will have to prove it on the field.

  16. toddsterps

    @themishkin Also, paying everyone a league minimum would eliminate the need for agents who in my opinion have? ruined all of profesional sports. Then the players don’t have to pay those ridiculous commission prices.

  17. toddsterps

    @themishkin I think a 75/25 spilt is fair unless the players agreed to a performance based contract stipulating? that they don’t get paid unless they perform on the field and their stats prove their performance. You don’t perform, you don’t get paid the money you think you deserve. I would give everyone a league minimum of $250,000 which I think is more then fair. The rest you earn is left up to you.

  18. thomasbmajor

    Haha, it? probably is Buckeyes.

  19. themishkin

    @toddsterps Me as an individual, no of course not. Collectively as a union, yes I could do that with my fellow union members. However, a strike will only work if the workers are not replaceable. The NFL has players of extremely unique talent that simply cannot be? replaced. So without the players, there is no NFL (at least not a quality league), and likewise without the owners there is no league. They both need to compromise to some degree, but 60/40 seems unreasonable.

  20. stephenjstclair

    You? da man stevie. Thanks for giving the fan your respect. We respect you too.

  21. toddsterps

    @themishkin The owners assume? ALL of the financial risk and OWN the company. Would you go to your boss and demand that half of the companies revenue be divided by the employees? I don’t think so…no different in this situation.

  22. freetimeburden

    I care about your two? cents Stevie! Stand up guy right there folks.

  23. noctrl13

    6 nfl owners watched this nad? didnt get it

  24. themishkin

    @toddsterps The greedy players who want a 50/50 split and a higher salary cap minimum? I don’t think so, go read up on the revenue splits, the owners get a sweet deal already.?

  25. toddsterps

    @themishkin -? It’s the players greed!

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