Inspirational Video – The Don’t Quit Poem Inspirational video based on the famous Don't Quit Poem. Inspirational Video - The Don't Quit Poem   ... Read more

What are the significances of refrains in poetry?

Why are refrains used in poetry (Specifically the pantoum and the villanelle) and what purpose do they serve? How are they significant to the poetry?   ... Read more

(Laughter) What are plato’s (Philibus) and Aristotle’s (poetics) View of Laughter??

(Laughter) What are plato's (Philibus) and Aristotle's (poetics) View of Laughter?? Help me im writing a paper 4 page. on Using the excerpts read and discussed in class, compare and contrast Plato and aristotles views of laughter?? discuss an d   ... Read more

How To Write Sad Love Poems To Get Your Ex Back

Almost every woman is a hopeless romantic at heart and if you write the love letters and poems these will be kept in a special place and cherished for years. Books on romance and love are chiefly purchased by ...  ... Read more

How many poems should a poetry book have?

I'm thinking about publishing a collection of my book of poetry and I am wondering, how many poems should a collection of poetry have?   ... Read more

Thank You Mom Poem Send your Mom a special message and tell her that you love her. You will make her day. Thank You Mom Poem Become a Childrens Writer:Insider Secrets This book is jam-packed with writing tips and tricks by childrens author,   ... Read more

How do I sell my poetry over the internet?

How do I sell my poetry over the internet? I've been doing poetry since a young age and have written a lot over the years. How can I turn this hobby into a profession? Please Help! Thank You. Best answer:   ... Read more

Suheir Hammad – Def Jam Poetry

I uploaded this video because I think it's the best counterargument to the red haired woman in the Tyra Banks Show -Suheir Hammad- there have been no words. i have not written one word. no poetry in the ashes   ... Read more

Bjork-Pagan Poetry(live in Riverside Church New York)

One of the best live performances...   ... Read more

Poetry: An Introduction

Product DescriptionFlexible enough for any poetry course, this text is designed to make your students lifelong lovers of poetry. It combines classic poetry with today’s hippest verse, mixing in delicious portions of contemporary life, humor, and universal themes. In-depth chapters   ... Read more

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