How can I get started writing poetry for a living?

With all the BS online these days i just don’t know how to really get started writing poetry for a living. I’m really good at it, and i mean really good at it, i’ve always wanted to write childrens poetry   … Read more

Worksheets for Preschool

Presented in a format that is fun and informative, these workbooks cover all the basic skills a child needs for school-readiness. Pre-School education niche for teachers and parents. Developed by a pre-school teacher.
Worksheets for Preschool  … Read more

Refrigerator Door Poem Stonehenge


Refrigerator Door Poem Stonehenge

BELMAR: In celebration of the Autumnal Equinox, Belmar Arts Council will sponsor Poem Henge today and Sunday on the beach. Three dozen discarded refrigerator doors will be erected in the shape of Stonehenge, the   … Read more

Confessions: a Poet?s Poetic Sojourn


Confessions: A poet’s Poetic SojournThe lights were dimmed but I could see… The frame, that face… just like my dreams. She lay supreme in red satin… Oh my! This girl has …  … Read more

Using Love poems in Dating


She slammed the book shut and declared she wanted a man to love her that way. We were at a crowded restaurant and she had been reading the love poems of Pablo Neruda. After reading these great love poems, …  … Read more

Enjoying a Poetic Ride Through ?Heartwalking?


Enjoying a Poetic Ride Through ‘Heartwalking’

…  … Read more

Setareh Poem (Stars) ? IranBrave Poetry ? ??? ????? ? Faryad Persian Poet Poem

ENGLISH SUBTITLE ? Every loving heart is a Star! The roar of courage is a Star! A tribute to all brave Iranians who seek freedom and justice.

  … Read more

Dahlak Brathwaite on Def Poetry Jam: A Peculiar Evolution

Dahlak’s performance of “A Peculiar Evolution” on Def Poetry Season 6. More info at and

  … Read more

Poetic Justice on the hard streets :Crossbow Annie


L&L is a second hand dealer that purchases insurance write offs from the scrap yards. With a few ingenious methods they somehow fix these fatal wrecks with excessive amounts of putty, …  … Read more

Q&A: How do you start a poem about Christmas?


How do you start a poem about Christmas?
I need to write a poem about Christmas. How do I start? I need it not rhyming, and I can get going after I get it started. I don’t know what type   … Read more

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